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Established in 2001, Leader Patent & Trademark Firm (Leader IP) is one of the leading IP firms in China with its Beijing head office, branch office in the city of Xi’an and US desk in California, providing full IP services in intellectual property area for domestic and international clients. Now we have about 200 employees. In December of 2014, as the secretariat, Internet Intellectual Property Organization (INIP) was set up in Leader Patent & Trademark Firm. This organization runs under the direct supervision of SIPO.

We provide personalized services to clients with high quality, efficiency and reliability in a cost-effective manner. We try our best to counsel on the most efficacious methods of establishing and developing IP capital and protecting IP rights so our clients can realize the most value from those assets. We also offer our clients portfolio management and strategic advice on obtaining and protecting valuable intellectual property with reference to the IP law of China.


Our Features


■   Patent Attorneys and Engineers with strong technical background

Our IP team includes highly trained attorneys with advanced degrees in science and technology as well as former patent examiners, former corporate patent counsel, professors of IP law, and patent engineers. Our attorneys use a collaborative approach to leveraging intellectual property capital to help our clients meet their goals.

■   Extensive experience in drafting patent specification, prosecuting patent application, and handing patent invalidation and litigation

We have drafted large number of specification and handled large number of patent invalidation/litigation cases (more than often, invalidation cases would involve with foreign originated applications and foreign companies), we gain valuable insight about the special requirements in the drafting of specification, prosecution of patent application, patent invalidation in China. We also see significant differences in laws, rules, and practice between China and other countries. We take advantage of their experiences to better serve our domestic as well as foreign clients.